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PAC60 – 5 Axis Cutting Head

The PAC 60™ incorporates as standard “Touch Probe” height detection to set a precise stand-off before piercing, or to predetermine the flatness of the material and make compensations in the “Z” height, to maintain an accurate stand-off while bevel cutting. An optional Laser Sensor is also available to perform Precision Terrain Mapping on the surface of the material to be cut. This information is then used to maintain an accurate stand-off distance between the nozzle and the work piece, resulting in more accurate parts than any other 5 axis head on the market. Other 5 axis heads set their stand-off only at the piercing point and then assume the work piece is completely flat along the cut path, which is almost never the case. As material flatness varies and stand-off changes, so does the geometry of the part being cut. So a constant, accurate stand-off is critical when angle cutting, and the greater the angle, the more critical it becomes.

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Garnet/Abrasive Removal System

Designed to take the hard work out of tank cleaning, the abrasive waste removal system collects used abrasive from the cutting stream via a tray fitted to the bottom of the tank. The abrasive slurry is then pumped to a heavy duty tipper bin mounted on a steel frame by an abrasive resistant diaphragm pump. The abrasive settles to the bottom of the bin while the water is returned to the tank. The tipper bin can then be easily emptied by a forklift as required. Benefits include; Eliminates manual cleaning of tank, Saves labour, Reduces water usage, Inexpensive to maintain, Simple to operate

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Submerged Cutting

For many abrasive waterjet applications, underwater submerged cutting is the best solution. For materials like steel, stainless, aluminium, copper, bronze, Inconel, titanium, and other metals, as well as materials like glass, stone, marble, granite, etc., submerged cutting offers two big advantages. Reduced noise and less mess. The typical high pressure waterjet piercing process results in an abrasive jet stream that “rooster tails” back into the environment for the duration of the pierce, anywhere from just a few seconds on the thin materials, up to several minutes, depending on the thickness and hardness of the material. If the material is not submerged, that diffused stream shoots back into the environment, and literally gets everywhere including on the beams, rails, bearings, controller, electronics and anywhere else.

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Softec (Waterjet Software)

Softec™ Waterjet Cutting Software has been developed by Techni Waterjet with two very clear goals in mind; • To cut parts at the minimum cost with the greatest accuracy, and • To have a simple and intuitive interface with the operator. The result, is a comprehensive “All In One” Windows based software, that is specifically designed for Waterjet Cutting, which maximizes productivity and anyone with PC experience can learn to use quickly and easily.

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This remarkable technology will dramatically increase your profitability by reducing scrap, increasing Up Time and Reducing Labour.
No longer will you require a person to stand idle and watch a machine ‘just in case’ there is a problem. The Techsense will activate an audible alarm and a flashing light will warn an operator if the machine is not running efficiently, and will pause the machine if the problem could potentially damage the part or material being cut.

Potential Problems Detected
Low abrasive being delivered to the cutting head
Possible cause – Moist abrasive, Blocked feed line due to foreign particles or kinked feed hose.
Plugged focusing tube
Possible causes – Focusing tube too close to work piece, foreign material in tube.
Damaged Orifice
Possible causes – General wear or erosion, foreign particle, poor water quality.
Water Pressure Drop
Possible causes Intensifier problem, High pressure hose leak, Dump valve leak, cutting head leak.
Warn or Damaged Focusing Tube
Inefficient Cutting Head Set up
Possible causes too much or too little abrasive, Cutting head loose, Focusing tube not seated, Orifice not assembled properly.

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Abrasive Pump & Hopper

TECHNI Waterjet has introduced another Industry First in its abrasive pump and hopper system. The system incorporates a revolutionary design abrasive pump (international patents pending), which eliminates all mechanical moving parts from coming into contact with the abrasive material (Garnet). This ensures uninterrupted abrasive flow to the cutting head for many 1000’s of hours, with no maintenance. The hinged lid on the hopper system allows easy access to inspect and fill at any time, without the need to de-pressurize. The clear pump chamber allows a quick visual to ensure abrasive is present and flowing correctly.

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Break Away Head

A Crash Sensing Breakaway Head reduces the risk of damaging your valuable investment and will stop unnecessary replacement of focusing tubes, saving you time and money. When the cutting head inadvertently crashes into a clamp or fixture, or hits the edge of a work piece or an upturned part, the Break Away Head will detect the crash and automatically stop the machine. The precision tolerance and design of the Crash Sensing Breakaway Head ensures that crash recovery and return to the exact previous position is easy. The system does not rely on servo motor stall to shut down machine like competitive systems.